Andrew Gorgey accepts Garfield County Manager position

May 24, 2012

Glenwood Springs, CO – The Garfield County Board of County Commission (BOCC) named Andrew Gorgey as county manager today. The board also named Carey Gagnon as acting county attorney. Both appointments are effective June 1.

Gorgey had been serving in a dual role for five months, both as the acting county manager and county attorney. “Having been asked to do both jobs for several months, it’s natural to consider doing one job or the other permanently,” said Gorgey. “I have invested a tremendous amount of energy bringing the county administration into conformity with the commissioner’s policies and goals.”

Not only did the commissioners feel that Gorgey was a great fit to head the county, but Gorgey himself was having second thoughts after deciding earlier this week to remain in the county attorney role.

“I looked back, yes, after the decision was announced Monday to reengage the search firm [for a County Manager]. It was hard to turn away from my legal career. I have a great legal career, and stepping out of that, I do not do so lightly. I work with wonderful people in the county attorney’s office,” Gorgey said. “But this was calling me to go do it. This is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I will deliver.”

Gorgey has eight years experience in public sector law office management; is past editor of The Colorado Springs Business Journal, past president of the El Paso County Bar Association, and past Vice President of the Colorado Bar Association. He is very interested in the challenge of moving in a new direction. “I am really excited to do this. I have been in some form of leadership since I was a boy, and I like it – it comes naturally to me.”

Gorgey expressed four reasons he would like to serve as county manager to the commissioners Thursday. He said he feels county manager is one of the top public service positions available. He is fascinated by organizations generally and looks forward to the challenge of this position. He feels he has the energy, organizational skills, business sense and knowledge of local government that will benefit the county, and because he has served in the role for the past five months, he knows he is interested in doing the work.

For his last week as county attorney, Gorgey will conduct a comprehensive review of all pending legal projects and matters for the county, and in consultation with Gagnon to ensure a smooth transition.

Then, paving the way to working in his new county manager role, Gorgey will solicit detailed feedback from the people with whom he works directly, conduct a detailed, business case analysis of the county, and set up a structured learning program for himself regarding county administration and operations.

Under contract, Gorgey will report directly to the BOCC and receive an annual salary of $145,000. He signed a letter of engagement of services May 24, 2012
The BOCC will now turn its attention to a county attorney search process in coming weeks. The county will continue to work with firm of Peckham & McKenney, which conducted the search for county manager, and also a search for county attorney in the spring of 2011, resulting in the hiring of Gorgey.