Garfield County Continues Reorganization in Advance of County Manager Selection

March 9, 2012

Positions eliminated, others restructured.

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO – Garfield County took its next steps in reorganization of county government today through reduction of its work force, specifically the elimination of two upper-level management positions, the assistant county manager and the director of administrative services. No further position elimination is planned in any county department, and existing staff will absorb the essential functions from the positions eliminated.

Affected employees have been offered severance packages.

“The other commissioners and I are completely committed to the citizens of Garfield County,” said John Martin, chair of the Board of County Commissioners, “and that includes making difficult choices.”

“We know decisions like these, particularly when positions are eliminated, are hard on all concerned,” Martin said. “But these are business decisions, and we are confident the best interests of the county have been served. We wish our former employees well in the future. We thank all our employees for their patience, service, and commitment during this time.

“We reaffirm our full support to the acting county manager,” Martin said. “We vested substantial authority in that position and are pleased with performance thus far.”

Garfield County Attorney Andrew Gorgey was named acting county manager on January 3, and will remain in that position through the first full day of employment of the new county manager. Mr. Gorgey remains county attorney, and will continue in that position after the new county manager is hired.

The executive search firm of Peckham & McKenney is reviewing 53 applications for the position and will make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners at its regular meeting on March 19. Interviews are tentatively scheduled for March 29-30 in Glenwood Springs, and the Board plans to announce its selection soon thereafter.

Certain positions within the county will be modified as a result of today’s actions:

  • The manager of the Information Technology (IT) Department will report directly to the acting county manager to emphasize the county’s commitment to IT and continual improvement to its systems.
  • The assistant director of administrative services position will be modified to include an economic development component and will be known as senior finance administrator (Economic Development).
  • The Garfield County Attorney’s Office will dispatch an assistant county attorney as interim head of the Procurement Department. She will lead the department to conduct a complete review of the procurement code, procurement procedures, staffing levels, procedures, and audit controls.
  • The website specialist position will be modified to include an emphasis on public communication and will be known as communications coordinator.
  • The airport director will report directly to the acting county manager. There are otherwise no changes in that department.
  • The Criminal Justice services administrator will report directly to the acting county manager. There are otherwise no changes to that department.