Garfield County Commissioners put county manager search on hold

Five finalists qualified, but none quite fit the bill

April 2, 2012

Garfield County Commissioners voted unanimously to keep looking for a new county manager and to pass on the five finalists interviewed last week. The board decided to take a break for several months before re-enlisting its executive search firm. In the meantime, the commissioners requested Acting County Manager Andrew Gorgey continue operating county administration and present an operations plan for the county for the next six months. The plan will give consideration to operation of the County Attorney’s Office as well. Gorgey is the Garfield County Attorney.

“We had five candidates, all qualified in one way or another, and all very professional,” Commissioner John Martin said during the meeting. “We were very impressed with the diversity. But was it what we were looking for?”

Commissioner Mike Samson answered the question posed by Martin. “We need an individual that is the right fit for Garfield County, and I did not feel any of those was the right fit. I think we need a respite time, and three months down the road, we start the process again.”

The commissioners decided to reevaluate the county manager search over the next three months, and then to call on the Peckham & McKenney firm to renew the search process.

“They all offer unique talents and skills,” Acting County Manager Andrew Gorgey said regarding the finalists, “and they will all succeed going forward. There are multiple searches going on right now in the state of Colorado. That means there are a lot of lines in the same pond right now, and it might be prudent to see how those searches shake out before making a decision.”

Gorgey is expected to present an operations plan in about a week.

“You will get my absolute best, my best. I am totally committed to the county in whatever role you have me in,” said Gorgey. “We have made dramatic improvements in certain operations. We are taking steps to decrease debt, we have flattened the organizational chart; you have 12 direct reports to the county manager. You have engaged the leaders of those departments; you have put them on a positive course. I feel I have a good working rapport with every single one of them, and your point is well taken: it is not wise to stretch me or anyone too thin.”

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