Sign up for Garfield County Public Health COVID-19 vaccine clinics

April 1, 2021

Current information on all vaccinating providers in Garfield County and Public Health clinics will be listed on the Garfield County vaccine webpage and Facebook page.

Moderna/Pfizer/Johnson & Johnson (Janssen)
Each week, the state allocates providers different amounts of COVID-19 vaccine from either Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson (Janssen). Providers do not know how much, or what type of vaccine will be coming on any given week.

If you require a specific type of vaccine, it is important to know you have the correct brand when making your appointment. Public Health will specify what brand is being offered each week on the appointment scheduler.

As of Friday, April 2, all Coloradans 16 and up are eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine and those 18 and up are eligible for the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Mondays – Public health is notified how much vaccine and what brand of vaccine will be coming for the current week.
Tuesday – Public health posts a vaccine appointment sign-up on the Garfield County vaccine webpage and Facebook page. Sign up for an appointment for any available clinic listed.
Wednesday – vaccine clinics are held in Glenwood Springs for those who made an appointment online.
Thursday – vaccine clinics are held in Rifle for those who made appointments online.
Weekend – vaccine clinics may be held any given week depending on the vaccine supply received that week. Register for an appointment online if it is available.
Second doses – Public health automatically schedules the second dose appointment. It will be at the same time and the same place 21 days later for Pfizer vaccine and 28 days later for Moderna.

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