COVID-19 weekly summary

Storm delays, case decreases, possible dial shift

February 23, 2021

Vaccine clinics rescheduled due to storm

Last week’s storm disrupted vaccine clinics across the nation and at Valley View and Grand River Health hospitals. Last week’s clinics have been rescheduled for this week. Despite last week’s delay, one in six Garfield County residents have received a COVID-19 vaccine, and one in 13 are fully vaccinated with two doses.


Theories on why COVID numbers are decreasing

While experts do not fully know why COVID numbers are decreasing, there are a few potential factors that could be contributing.

Across the nation and in Garfield County, numbers are declining. Experts at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IMHE), whose modeling of the virus has been used across the country, believe that vaccinations and seasonality are two possible reasons for the declines. Another theory is that cases are not being found because of a decrease in testing. The county has seen close to a 50% decrease in the number of tests performed from January to February. However, people who are not feeling ill with symptoms are unlikely to seek testing.

Others speculate that those infected in the earlier part of winter may be in a period of natural immunity. While there is much that experts still do not understand about the novel coronavirus, it stands that residents need to remain vigilant with preventive behaviors and get vaccinated when it is their turn and the vaccine becomes available.

Dial change possible

Public Health is reviewing numbers with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) to determine if Garfield County is eligible to move from Level Yellow to Level Blue. Due to weather-related delays from COVID testing labs located outside of the state, the department is waiting on data before it is able to provide confirmation. Follow-up information is anticipated by mid-week. Restrictions under Level Yellow do not vary dramatically from Level Blue, however the health department will provide an outline of those changes.


Variant update

5 confirmed cases of the B.1.1.7 (UK) variant in Garfield County as of 2-19-21
1 confirmed case of L452R (CA) variant as of 2-19-21


Vaccination status

Garfield County is vaccinating adults 65 and older. A list of providers offering vaccination can be found on the county vaccine page. Those 65+ having difficulty making an appointment can call 970-665-6371. School staff are also being vaccinated and should work with/contact their employers.

The state has indicated that it will move on to the next vaccination phase in mid-March. Further details around what this process looks like for Garfield County will be available in the coming weeks.

CURRENT STATS – these come from Johns Hopkins,, CDPHE

Geographic area Total cases Currently hospitalized Deaths Recovered
Global 111,325,590 Not Available (N/A) 2,465,361 62,798,998
United States 28,127,650 58,222 498,794 N/A
Colorado 419,812 437 5,887 22,270*
Garfield County 5,143 N/A 37 Confirmed N/A
2 Under Investigation
Eagle County 4,885 N/A 20 N/A
Pitkin County 1,911 N/A 4 N/A
Mesa County 13,059 26 114 12,700

*This number represents patients discharged in the state

Cases since last week

  • Garfield County continues to see a decline in cases.
  • 55 cases added from 2/15 – 2/21, for a rolling average of 7.9 cases added per day
  • Declining cases provided the state an opportunity to clean up backlogged data. As a result, 21 cases were added to the overall case count that occurred in earlier reporting periods.


  • 37 confirmed COVID-19 related deaths
  • 2 deaths have occurred amongst COVID-19 cases; cause of death was not COVID-19
  • 2 deaths under investigation
  • 0 new death reported since last week



Two-week incidence:

Monday: 69.8

Tuesday: 68.1

Wednesday: 63.20

Thursday: 59.8

Friday: 54.8

Saturday: 53.2

Sunday: 53.2


Hospitalizations, days with stable or declining hospitalizations (previous 14 days):

Monday: 11

Tuesday: 11

Wednesday: 11

Thursday: 11

Friday: 12

Saturday: 12

Sunday: 12


Test positivity, two-week period:

Monday: 2.2%

Tuesday: 2.2%

Wednesday: 2.2%

Thursday: 2.3%

Friday: 2.2%

Saturday: 2.5%

Sunday: 2.9%

*Garfield County is below the 5% benchmark. However, seeing an increase in test positivity could be an early indicator that cases might increase, too.



  Valley View Grand    River Health Mountain Family    Health Center Garfield County    Public Health Long    Term Care Facilities Totals
Vaccine administered 8,680 3,767 773 115 1,395 14,730
1st Dose 5,721 2,687 771 115 807 10,101
2nd Dose/fully vaccinated 2,959 1,080 2 588 4,629
Phase 1A/1B.1 3,568 1,387 407 46 1,395 6,803
70+ 2,153 1,300 277 64 3,794
70+ fully vaccinated 1,425 700 2,125
65-69 yrs. 1,022 261 94 5 1,382
65-69 yrs. fully vaccinated 92 38 130

*Numbers are from reporting agencies. There may be other entities administering vaccine that do not report to Garfield County.

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