Asian woman using rapid antigen test kit for self test COVID-19 epidemic at home. Adult female place the fabric tip of the swab in the extraction tube and rolling around the tube.

Garfield County COVID-19 update

June 1, 2022

Garfield County Public Health is updating its COVID-19 data page. COVID-19 has increased 30 percent since April, but hospitalizations have remained low, with no new hospitalizations in the past two weeks.

• Over 75 percent of eligible persons in the county have had one dose of COVID-19 vaccine and 68 percent are fully immunized.
• Find vaccine locations.
• Find out how many doses you are eligible for. Kids 5-11 can now get a booster. People age 50+ are now eligible for a fourth dose of vaccine.

Therapeutic treatments:
Antiviral therapeutics are widely available. They work best when taken within a few days of getting sick. If you have mild to moderate symptoms, call your physician or view the treatment map if you do not have a provider or insurance.

Federal agencies are investigating reports from people saying they experienced COVID-19 symptoms soon after finishing off a course of Paxlovid, Pfizer’s antiviral treatment for the disease. The rebound may occur four or five days after treatment, although symptoms appear to be milder the second time around. Those experiencing adverse events should report their effects on the Pfizer site.

Where to get a test in Garfield County. Several Garfield County free testing sites are set to close June 30 unless extended by the state. Free at-home test kits are available to order. FDA warns of counterfeit at-home tests.

The county COVID response team continues to look for trends and patterns of disease spread, including monitoring wastewater. The state health department has stepped up to assist with COVID cases in priority populations over 50, and with outbreaks.

The most accurate COVID-19 numbers can be found on the CDPHE data page. Get more local data through Garfield County’s COVID site.

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