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Landfill policies

Please contact the landfill personnel with any questions before unloading. All fees and policies are subject to change without notice.

Scale etiquette

Vehicles accessing the landfill must weigh in and out. Please be aware of and courteous to people and activities going on around you.

Take turns pulling onto scale

There are stop signs at each end of the scale, stop here and wait for the green signal light to onto the scale.

Drive onto and off the scale slowly, avoiding sudden jerks or abrupt halts to the scale.

Separating loads

The upper portion of the landfill disposal area is designated for those items that can be recycled. There are areas for appliances, wire, metal, BBQ grills, bicycles, cable, heavy metal, tires and wood. It is the responsibility of the customer to sort their own loads. This extends the life of the landfill and ensures the efficiency of operation. There is an extra minimum fee of $50 per load if the landfill personnel have to sort the load.

Unsecured loads

Colorado State law states in part...

...2.4) (a) A vehicle shall not be driven or moved on a highway if the vehicle is transporting trash or recyclables unless at least one of the following conditions is met:

(I) The load is covered by a tarp or other cover in a manner that prevents the load from blowing, dropping, shifting, leaking, or otherwise escaping from the vehicle;

II) The vehicle utilizes other technology that prevents the load from blowing, dropping, shifting, leaking, or otherwise escaping from the vehicle...

Any person who violates any provision of the law commits a class B traffic infraction.

We, at the landfill, have the right to charge you $20 per load that is unsecured in addition to the normal charges.

Unacceptable items

Non-household Hazardous materials and waste

Liquid chemical or petroleum waste including waste oil, fuel, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, acids and known chemically contaminated water or liquids from unknown sources

Any waste containing free-liquids that fails the paint filter test

Sand trap pumping residue from maintenance/repair shops and automobile painting businesses

Volatile and/or flammable waste including paint, dry cleaning fluids, petroleum products, explosives, etc., in various forms (powder, solid, or liquid)

Wastes that spontaneously combust or that could ignite other wastes.
Non empty and unlabeled 55 gallon drums

Empty 55 gallon drums not well cleaned/rinsed and/or with no MSDS sheet

Used or waste motor oil

Nonresidential electronic waste

Any computer equipment or parts including monitors, central processing units, or other computer accessories. See electronic waste recycling.

Animal waste containing formaldehyde


Restaurant grease and pumpings from restaurant grease traps

Asbestos (friable and non-friable)

Incinerator ash and fly ash

Urethane, polyurethane, and epoxy resin wastes that are not completely solidified

Nuclear or atomic waste

Any radioactive waste or licensed radioactive materials or devices

Biomedical waste including sharps or waste that could be infectious with or without
treatment (including autoclaving)

Appliances and aerosol cans containing chloroflourocarbons

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