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Child Support Services (formerly known as Child support enforcement)

The Garfield/Pitkin/Rio Blanco County Child Support Services (CSS) establishes and enforces child support court orders against non-custodial parents (parents who are out of the home) to help pay for the financial and medical support of their children. Child support collections eliminate or reduce the need for public assistance and help to repay the public assistance fund. Child support services are available to help mothers, fathers, grandparents and other caretakers.

Types of services

  • Location of alleged fathers (paternity not established)
  • Establishment of paternity (legally establish the father of the child)
  • Establishment of child support orders and medical support orders
  • Determine if existing child support order should be modified at either parties request
  • Enforce the child support order, medical order or child support combined with spousal support
  • Establish and enforce support and medical support when one of the parties lives in another state
  • Distribute and document child support collections through the Family Support Registry

CSS will determine the legal action necessary to establish, modify and enforce your order. The following are enforcement remedies that may be used depending on the circumstances of your case:

  • Income withholding
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Intercept Federal and State tax refunds
  • Intercept unemployment benefits
  • Intercept workman’s compensation benefits
  • Place liens on personal and real property
  • Report to the credit bureau agencies payment behavior and balances
  • Suspend professional, occupational and recreational licenses
  • Garnish bank accounts
  • Contempt proceedings
  • Passport denial
Eligibility criteria

Colorado Works/TANF and Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) recipients are mandated to cooperate with the CSS program.  Custodial parents receiving public assistance (Colorado Works, or TANF) are automatically eligible for child support services at no fee. When custodial parents terminate from public assistance, CSS will continue to collect all current and past due money owed to the custodial parent.

Current child support is collected until the child turns 19 years of age (or the custodial parent asks CSS to stop).Then, CSS will continue to collect any money still owed to the Colorado public assistance fund or arrears owed to the custodial parent.

Custodial parents not receiving public assistance may apply for child support services to establish and enforce child support orders (whether the order was entered in the State of Colorado or not) for a one-time fee of $20.00. A hardship application to waive the fee is also available. There is a yearly fee of $25.00 that is deducted from child support payments after $500.00 in child support has been collected in a year.

CSS represents the people of the State of Colorado when providing child support services. CSS follows Federal and State laws when providing these services. CSS has no authority to take action in visitation (parenting time), custody (parental responsibilities) or property settlement issues. Additionally, CSS cannot help with attorney fees and cannot establish, modify or enforce spousal support (maintenance) only orders.

The information we have on a case is considered confidential and cannot be shared with either party. There is a mechanism for non disclosure of information with the courts.

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Apply for child support services

Garfield/Pitkin/Rio Blanco County Child Support Services
108 8th Street, Suite 300
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

ext. 7300

Mailing address:
195 West 14th Street
Rifle, CO 81650
970-625-5282, ext. 7300

Several forms require a notary signature, and are available for free by Garfield County Human Services.

Online application available

Child support payments

Child support payments need to be made to the Family Support Registry (FSR), PO Box 2171, Denver, CO 80201-2171; include your FSR account number. If you need information on other payment methods or direct withdrawal, call FSR at 1-800-374-6558 or your local CSS office.
Glenwood Springs - 970-945-9191, ext. 7300
Rifle - 970-625-5282, ext. 7300

Child support payments may also be made in the Glenwood Springs CSS office located at 108 8th Street, Suite 300, Glenwood Springs CO or Rifle CSS office, 195 W. 14th Street, Rifle, CO during office hours 9 am - 4 pm. There is an after-hours drop off box located in each office for paperwork and/or payments other than cash.
State of Colorado Child Support Services

Other resources

Colorado Judicial Courts - information is available on court forms, filling out forms, filing the forms with the court and paying the filing fee, obtaining a hearing date, serving the forms on the other party and preparing for a court hearing. Information is also available regarding allocation of parental responsibilities and the child support guidelines.

U.S. Office of Child Support Enforcement - provides general information about a wide range of subjects related to child support. Probably its most helpful feature is a list of links to other web sites, including those of many state child support enforcement programs.

Divorce - tips and advice about divorce.

Tips for Dads - straight from the U.K. great tips for dads, and mums too!

Our mission

Provide comprehensive services to families by locating parents, establishing paternity and support and enforcing parental obligations.

Our vision

To enhance the quality of life for children by ensuring they receive the financial and medical support to which they are entitled


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