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The childcare program offers several assessments to centers and homes. Childcare consultants are trained in:

Environmental Rating Scales: measure the strength of programs in 3 key areas: health and safety, building positive relationships, providing a stimulating learning environment. The ERS begins with a three-hour observation in your home or classroom, followed by a "read-out," to go over your score. Providers have found this to be a helpful way to get information about their strengths and set goals for improvement. If you'd like to have a rating scale completed, please contact Donna or Amelia at 970-945-9191, ext. 3065 or 3068.

Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA) is part of a program to enhance young children's social-emotional development. The questionnaire is completed by a child's caregivers and scored by a childcare consultant. It measures a child's resiliency, or ability to respond to stressors in their lives, by looking at his/her attachment, self-control and initiative. Results from the DECA are used to develop classroom strategies to increase resiliency factors. Because the DECA is a strength-based, proactive approach, it's designed for program-wide use rather than mental health intervention.

Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) is a developmental screening tool for children ages one month to five years. The questionnaire asks caregivers a series of 30 questions about the child's abilities and takes about 15 minutes to complete. Information from the ASQ can be used to determine whether the child is developing within the normal range or if a referral should be made for further evaluation.

The ASQ can also be a useful tool for providing information about a child's development. Some programs use the ASQ as part of their evaluation and planning process.

For more information about using ASQ or DECA, please contact Donna or Amelia at 970-945-9191, ext. 3065 or 3068.

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