2013 Adopted budget

2013 Adopted Budget by section

Table of Contents

Budget Message

Section I - Introduction

Economic and Demographic Profile
Economic Summary and Budget Forecast
Organizational Chart

Section II - Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan Process
Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) Policy Directives
Elected Officials Strategic Plans
Department Work Plan Highlights

Section III - Budget Preparation
Annual Budget Process
Financial Policies
Financial Performance Measures
Long-term Financial Planning

Section IV - Budget Overview

Budget Summary
Fund Balance
Major Fund Summaries

Section V - General Government

General Government, General Fund
Budget Detail by General Fund Departments
Emergency Reserve Fund
Clerk and Recorder EFTF Fund
Retirement Fund
Oil & Gas Mitigation Fund
Garfield County Grant Fund

Section VI - Public Safety
General Fund, Sheriff
General Fund, Coroner
General Fund, District Attorney
General Fund, Criminal Justice Services
Commissary Fund

Section VII - Health and Welfare
Public Health Fund
Human Services Fund

Section VIII - Public Works
General Fund, Engineering
General Fund, Facilities Management
General Fund, Fairgrounds
General Fund, Public Works
General Fund, Vegetation Management
Road and Bridge Fund
Airport Fund
Conservation Trust Fund
Travelers Highland PID Fund
Traffic Study Fund

Section IX - Solid Waste Disposal

Section X - Culture and Recreation
General Fund, CSU Extension Services
Community Events Fund
Livestock Auction Fund

Section XI - Intergovernmental Services
Motor Pool Fund

Section XII - Capital Expenditures
Capital Expenditures Fund

Section XIII - Staffing
Authorized Personnel
Personnel Changes
Personnel Distribution

Section XIV - Debt Service


Garfield County adopts 2013 budget - press release

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