Smart Citizen Series

Becoming Air Aware!

nformation on the issues you breathe – “Smart Citizen Series” on air quality

The Garfield County Energy Advisory Board, along with Garfield County Environmental Health and Colorado Mountain College, are co-sponsoring a “Smart Citizen Series” on air quality, managing pollution, and educating the public on the basics of air pollution. The strong increase in public interest, as well as automobiles and industry in the valley, have prompted the group to take a deeper look at the issue of air quality in the region.

“Becoming Air Aware” will provide an overview of the information the public needs in order to better understand the complex nature of air quality issues. “The feedback we have been receiving is that the community is concerned about the impacts of industrial and community growth on our air,” states Jim Rada, previous manager of Garfield County Environmental Health. He added, “It is crucial that we provide the public with accurate, reliable, local air quality data.”

For more information, please contact Garfield County Environmental Health at 970-625-5200, ext 8113, or email us.

An Introduction to Air Quality
Dr. Russ Walker, Mesa State College (11/15/07)

How Does Air Pollution Affect My Health?; How is Air Quality Addressed?
Mark McMillan, CDPHE Air Pollution Control Division (11/29/07)

Air Monitoring in Garfield County
Gordon Pierce, CDPHE Air Pollution Control Division (4/15/08)

Air Emissions in Garfield County
Gordon Pierce, CDPHE Air Pollution Control Division (4/15/08)

Community Air Quality Programs
Ray Mohr, CDPHE Air Pollution Control Division (5/15/08)