Sewage disposal systems

Individual Sewage Disposal Systems (ISDS) in Garfield County are permitted through the Garfield County Community Development Department. When altering, repairing, or installing a new septic system, fill out the ISDS application and deliver it to the Community Development Department offices. All applications are required to be submitted in person. Please contact the building division for more information.

Several thousand septic systems are currently in use at residences and businesses across Garfield County. A significant amount of the wastewater is treated at individual on-site locations, but the remaining sludge, and in some cases wastewater, is disposed of in landfills. In the past, this huge volume of sludge and wastewater has overtaxed the facilities in the county. Both the Garfield County Landfill near Rifle and the City of Glenwood's South Canyon Landfill generally do accept septage, except for occasional closures when ponds reach their capacity. Contact the landfills directly for more information.

Also, please note that the Water Quality Control Division of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has enacted new regulations for septic systems, titled Regulation 43. Garfield County is expected to adopt these regulations in the spring of 2014.

Garfield County Public Health ISDS reuse forms:

Permitting procedure

Application page

Permit conditions - subject to site-specific modifications

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