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Burn permits

Open burning in Garfield County may require two permits.

The first is from your local fire department. Garfield County has a new online burn permit application. It allows you to apply for a burn permit and identify what fire district you are in if needed, using our online mapping system.

The second may be required, depending on what you plan to burn and the amount to be burned, and it can be obtained from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). This form is titled CDPHE Air Pollution Control Division open burning permit. Once this form is complete, it must be emailed or faxed to the CDPHE Air Pollution Control Division.

Please call your local fire department or dispatch before burning to get more information on how proper burning conditions, such as weather, will affect how and where smoke and its pollutants move.

Health effects

The State of Colorado regulates open burning to help protect public health and the environment in Colorado.

Burning wood and vegetative products produces an array of harmful chemicals. Carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, formaldehyde and hundreds of additional chemicals are released when wood and other products are burned. The air pollutants produced by burning vegetative material and other products can irritate the lungs, cause breathing problems, trigger asthma attacks, increase the chances of respiratory infection, heart attacks and strokes, and cause cancer.

Burning of household garbage is illegal in the state of Colorado.

Until a few decades ago, the practice was much less dangerous to human health, since most household garbage contained only paper, wood, and glass – materials that, when burned, give off smoke and ash. However, modern garbage is a mix of plastics and other synthetics that release a hazardous mixture of carcinogens and other toxins when burned. For more information about the health risks of burn barrels, please read this publication: Burn barrels are unhealthy.

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