Community health study

1. Community Health Risk – Complete Report

2. Community Health Analysis – Appendices

3. Acknowledgements

4. Table of Contents

5. Executive Summary

6. Introduction to Study

7. Risk Assessment

8. Health Study – Premise of Study

9. Perceptions and Concerns

10. Quantitative Health Data

10a) Birth Statistics

10b) Death Statistics

10c) Birth Defects

10d) Child and Adolescent Health Measures

10e) Injury to Hospitalization and Death causes and rates

10f) Behavioral Risk Factor Study Survey Data

10g) West Nile Virus

10h) Cancer Statistics

10i) Reportable Conditions

10j) Sexually Transmitted Diseases

11. Hospital and Outpatient Data

11a) Hospital Discharge Data

11b Diagnosis-Related Group (DGR) Data

11c) Hospitalization Rates

11d) Trauma Rates

11e) Alcohol and Drug Disorder Rates

11f) Birthing and Pregnancy Disorders

11g) Neonatal Disorders

11h) Normal Newborn Hospitalizations

11i) Female and Male Reproductive Disorder Hospitalizations

11j) Bone and Joint Disorders

11k) Circulation Disorders

11l) Digestive Disorders

11m) Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

11n) Infectious Parasitic Disease Hospitalizations

11o) Mental Disorders

11p) Nervous System Disorders

11q) Nutritional, Metabolic and Thyroid Disorders

11r) Pancreas and Liver Disorders

11s) Red Cell and Clotting Disorders

11t) Respiratory Disorders

11u) Skin Disorders

11v) Skin Grafts, Trauma, Poisoning and Allergic Reactions

11w) Urinary Tract Disorders

11x) Asthma Hospitalization Rates

11y) ER, Inpatient and Outpatient Data 4-County Comparison

11z) CareFlights Data

12. Household Survey Results

13. Health Study Conclusions and Recommendations