C.A.R.E.S. Project*

*Community Action for Responsible Environmental Solutions

What do YOU think are the most significant environmental health issues facing Garfield County?

Garfield County residents have been identifying significant environmental health issues.

Email your thoughts to, or mail a note about your thoughts to: CARES Project 195 W 14th St. Rifle, CO 81650.

Stay tuned! More CARES information and publicity to come!

For now, feel free to click the following link to access the full final report from the CARES project:

Community Action for Responsible Environmental Solutions (Final Report)

Report appendices

Table of contents:

    11.1 Description of Garfield County

    11.2 Description of EPA CARE Program

    11.3 (a) Description of GCPH CARES Project

    11.3 (b) Description of GCPH CARES Project

    11.4 Environmental Health Issues

    11.5 (a) GCPH EH Delphi

    11.5 (b) GCPH EH Delphi

    11.6 Contact Database

    11.7 Open Houses

    11.8 Other GCPH CARES Publicity

    11.9 Paperwork Reduction Act

Please click here to view the CARES plan

Environmental health issues identified and ranked by the citizens of Garfield County

Environmental health issues organized into 'clusters' and 'groupings'

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