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Make time each week during September to take a few easy actions to create your game plan. By the end of the month, you'll be prepared!

Sept. 1-7: Access Critical Information
Make sure you have access to critical data in time of emergency.

Register on, where you can create, edit and save your emergency plan throughout the month and access it anywhere securely.  
Locate and make copies of all your important documents. Save a digital copy on a flash drive or on a secure remote e-server. First aid logos
Sign up for emergency alerts from your local emergency agency and download Red Cross apps for your smart phone at

Sept. 8-14: Stay Connected
It's essential to stay in touch with loved ones when disaster strikes. Are you ready?

Establish an out-of-town emergency contact.
Discuss with loved ones how you'll communicate with each other during a disaster.
Set up the automatic "I'm Safe" feature in your Red Cross app to notify loved ones with one-touch.

Sept. 15-21: Shelter in Place
Make sure you have a plan and resources to be self-sufficient in case a disaster closes roads, businesses and services.

Build your 72-hour kit-advice for contents here:
Get an emergency radio so you can stay updated if the power is out.
Transistor radio

Sept. 22-28: Evacuate Safely
Do you know where to go, how you'll get there and what you'll take if you must evacuate?

Establish emergency meet-up locations: near your home for small disasters; outside your neighborhood for a large-scale evacuation; and outside your workplace/school.
Map at least two routes to get you to your meet-up locations.

Sept. 29-30: Practice your Plan!
Practice evacuating to one of your emergency meet-up points and walk through your emergency plan with coworkers, family or neighbors.

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