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Fire restrictions lifted throughout Garfield County
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For Immediate Release
Date: October 9, 2018
Time: 1:15 p.m.

Garfield County, CO.-

Effective immediately, the Garfield County Sheriff's Office in cooperation with the six Fire Districts in Garfield County, (Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District, the Glenwood Springs Fire Department, Colorado River Fire Rescue, Grand Valley Fire, Gypsum Fire and the De Beque and Lower Valley Fire) has lifted all fire restrictions on unincorporated private and state lands within Garfield County.

Additionally the City of Rifle (reflecting County restrictions), the White River National Forest and BLM lands managed by Colorado River Valley Field Office (CRVFO) in Eagle, Garfield and Pitkin counties have lifted their fire restrictions. Recent precipitation and cooler temperatures at all elevations in Garfield County have significantly reduced the danger of wildfires.

People are reminded that a burn permit is required before any fire can be ignited, even if you’re only burning a small pile of leaves, a slash pile or if you’re conducting an agricultural burn. Please contact your local fire department for information on where and when to burn, each jurisdiction will make the decision that is right for their area based on current local conditions as well as forecasted weather conditions.

The Garfield County Sheriff's Office would like to thank the people of Garfield County for their cooperation in keeping everyone safe this fire season as well as the outpouring of support that was given to law enforcement officers and all first responders.

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2018 Fireworks ban in Garfield County Garfield County Sheriff's Office logo GARFIELD COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE

For Immediate Release
Date: June 28, 2018
Time: 7:20 a.m.

GARFIELD COUNTY, CO. – The recent ordinance enacted by the Garfield County Board of Commissioners on June 11, 2018, for the safety and welfare of the people of Garfield County, has caused a great deal of concern and questions amongst the people in our county.

The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office will be working throughout the Fourth of July week, including both weekends, with other first responders and law enforcement officers to protect the citizens of Garfield County, and assure the statutes of the state of Colorado and the ordinances of the county are being followed. The following summarizes what you need to know:

Possession and use of fireworks for Garfield County in 2018
1) Legal fireworks are fine to purchase or possess, even when Stage I or Stage II fire restrictions have been established. It is the use of those fireworks which is currently illegal in unincorporated Garfield County (i.e. outside of the various municipal city limits; please check with each municipality for any restrictions they may have). On June 11, 2018 the Garfield County Board of Commissioners banned, by Ordinance 1018-1, the ignition of all fireworks in unincorporated Garfield County; including all state and private lands, whether the fireworks are legal or illegal (see definitions below). The ban is in effect until the “end of fire season,” as determined by the Garfield County Sheriff.

Possible penalties: This ordinance states that anyone violating this ordinance shall be subject to all surcharges set forth in § 30-15-402, C. R. S., as amended, and shall pay a fine of not more than $1,000.00 for each separate violation Understand - Due to this ordinance, at this time, even the normally legal fireworks are illegal to ignite.

Illegal Fireworks: The possession or use of illegal fireworks in Colorado is a Class 3 misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of $50 to $750, and up to six months in jail. Beyond that, should you start a fire or be suspected of a fire that causes property damage or loss of life, you will be held responsible for the consequential damage, or in the very least be placed in a position of having to pay to defend yourself in a court of law. Definition of legal vs. illegal fireworks in Garfield County and the state of Colorado
1) Legal fireworks: Legal fireworks are those that are sold at the stand that don't leave the ground, don't explode, or don't emit fireballs. They may include snap pops, caps, fountains, ground spinners, smoke bombs, sparklers, and small cars/tanks with limited pyrotechnics. Remember, while the above ordinance is active, even these fireworks are illegal to ignite and you can be cited if you do so!

2) Illegal fireworks: Illegal fireworks include firecrackers, mortars, Roman candles, bottle rockets, cherry bombs, M-80s; basically anything that leaves the ground or explodes. Position of enforcement by the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office
The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office is concerned about the safety and welfare of all residents of Garfield County. We respect our nation’s Independence Day and everything that means, including the men and women who have fought and died for the very freedoms we enjoy. Because we respect the rights of every individual and are charged with upholding the laws of our state, as well as our nation, we will be working with area law enforcement officers and first responders to identify sources of all fireworks and people who may be illegally igniting them.

There will be zero tolerance for anyone who ignites any type of fireworks in rural Garfield County, and violates this ordinance. Citations will be issued as appropriate.
Furthermore, citations will be issued to anyone found to be in the possession of illegal fireworks within any municipality or rural area of Garfield County.

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