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This is the official web page for burn permits on parcels within Garfield County. Applicants are responsible for reading the general provisions listed below before filling in the online application.

Garfield County Emergency Communications Authority Please note:
On parcels within Garfield County, no open burning is allowed without a permit - please read and begin filling out the online permit form below.

Burning is not permitted on Red Flag Warning days. Dry and windy conditions in the winter, spring or fall months of 2019 may preclude the provision of burn permits at any time.

No burn permits will be issued between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

You must call Garfield County Emergency Communications Authority at 970-625-8095 before and after burning each day!

General provisions
•  An open burning permit is granted pursuant to 32-1-1002, C.R.S., and Article 1, Section 307 2009 IFC as amended. The Colorado Air Quality Control Act 25-7-123., C.R.S. Colorado Air Quality Control Commission, Regulation 9 and 5 CCR 1001-11.
•  Permit shall be retained on the site by the person supervising the burning and shall be shown upon request to any Local Fire Department Official or Local Law Enforcement Officer.
•  Failure to comply with any of the above mentioned statutes, ordinances, rules or regulations may result in making this permit null and void and the penalties therein shall be in force. Omission by name or number of any other relevant statute, ordinance, code, rule or regulation from this permit does not relieve the applicant's responsibility of compliance with the same.
•  Applicant shall be responsible for compliance with any additional fire protection and safety requirements of the appropriate fire district.
•  Permit is valid for 7 consecutive days from the date of issuance. If this permit expires before burning is accomplished due to any reason, a new permit must be obtained.
•  Permit shall be revoked if a fire is not fully extinguished at the end of each day's burning.
•  Applicant assumes responsibility for liabilities and/or relation to any damages, cost of extinguishment, and legal fees which may result from a fire getting out of control or a violation of any of the foregoing conditions.

Permitted burning

•  Applicant is hereby authorized to burn tree slash or brush and may also need an Air Quality Permit for this type of burn. Agricultural burning is allowed only to prepare soil for crop production, weed control, ditch clearing and other agricultural cultivation purposes.
•  Fires used for non-commercial cooking and fires used for instructional, training or recreational and religious purposes are exempt from permit requirements. With a limit to the size of the fire to 3 ft X 3 ft X 2ft tall.
•  Wildland fuel reduction or other burns that may require additional review or permits not covered under this permit.

Prohibited burning
•  Burning rubber, plastic, treated or laminated wood, construction waste, chemicals, household garbage or other material that may result in emission of hazardous or toxic fumes is prohibited.
•  Dead livestock or other animals shall not be burned unless approved under specific provisions of Colorado Air Quality Control Commission, Regulation 9, 5 CCR 1001-11. Order from the Colorado State Veterinarian.

Mandatory safety precautions
•  No burning shall be allowed during red flag warnings or critical fire watches (declared by the national weather service). If either is declared, while the burn is in progress all burns shall be immediately extinguished. Burning restrictions or bans may be implemented on a daily basis by the fire authority or the Garfield County Sheriff for reasons including but not limited to weather conditions, resource availability, dangerous burn indexes and high wind conditions.
•  Applicant shall report to the county communication center at (970) 625-8095 with location, time of burn, check for burn restrictions or red flag warnings and burning permit number both before and after each day's burn.
•  Slash piles to be burned may not be more than eight (8) feet in diameter and must be no closer than fifty (50) feet to the nearest combustibles or structures.
•  Burning shall be supervised by one or more responsible persons. The person responsible for the fire shall be able to visually observe the entire burn area at all times during burning operations. If the volume of material to be burned is such that more than one fire is necessary. Each fire shall have at least one person in attendance at all times.
•  A method to extinguish any fire shall be present throughout all burning operations. Although adequate water is preferred, other items including fire extinguishers, hand tools, dirt or sand may be provided in quantities that are adequate to extinguish any fire that could be anticipated during the period of the burn.
•  Burning shall be permitted during daylight hours only and although not required, it is strongly recommended the burning operations be completed by late morning each day.
•  All fires must be completely extinguished a minimum of one-half hour before sunset.

By clicking the "Accept" button below, I confirm that I have read and understand the conditions and qualifications of this permit.

I will then be directed to submit a burn permit online.

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