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From rural to urban, from luxury homes to mobile homes, from boutique shops to office buildings, Garfield County real estate covers a broad range of properties.

A constant and positive influence for regional property values is the attractiveness of Garfield County and its municipalities. These values are defined as a high quality of life from diverse employment opportunities, excellent schools, modern public amenities, and proximity to popular resort areas for skiing and golf.

Garfield County is home to numerous real estate professionals who know the lay of the land, and have a historic understanding of the market. The county has many resources with which to aid buyers, sellers and developers who are seeking real estate opportunities and the highest value for their properties.

The Garfield County Assessor's staff is available for property and/or valuation questions, and has a database of all properties in Garfield County.
Garfield County Assessor's Office
109 8th Street, Suite 207
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
(970) 945-9134

The Garfield County Treasurer's Office has a treasurer's database that provides information about assessed property values, record of payments, current and delinquent tax charges, and special assessments.

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Garfield County parcel and zoning maps

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Commercial property
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Colorado laws and statues

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Agricultural property
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Classification and Valuation of Agricultural Property in Colorado
United States Department of Agriculture
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Garfield County Administration
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Glenwood Springs, CO  81601

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