Modest population growth in Garfield County

New demographic information shows that Garfield County experienced modest growth from 2010 to '15, with an increase of more than 1,900 residents over that span.

Glenwood Springs saw an increase in net population of 338; Carbondale 251; Rifle 223; New Castle 168; Silt 131; Parachute 23; and 798 in unincorporated Garfield County.

According to the State of Colorado Demography Office, Garfield County is projected to grow to roughly 95,000 residents by 2040. The U.S Census Bureau estimated the county's 2015 population at 58,095.

The report notes that the local economy is rebounding from the Great Recession, and projects that the number of jobs will surpass the 2008 peak employment figures by 2018. There was an increase of 900 jobs (2.8 percent) in 2015, but Garfield County remains 2,900 jobs below pre-recession figures.

The demography office recently released its July 2016 population estimates. In the report, Colorado ranked eighth in the nation for total growth. The state's population was estimated at 5,540,545, an increase of 91,726 from 2015.

"Natural increase - births minus deaths - accounted for 30,300 of the change or 33 percent, where migration accounted for 60,700 of the change, or 67 percent of the growth," the demography office's report noted. "Since 1970, Colorado has averaged 55 percent of its growth from migration."

The faster growing states were Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Florida, Washington, and Oregon. From 2010-2016, Colorado ranked fourth in average annual growth rate at 1.6 percent, behind North Dakota, Texas and Utah.

"The Census estimates are in line with Colorado State Demography Office forecasts, which indicate Colorado is continuing to grow, but at a slightly slower pace," the report added.

While the demographics are based solely on collected data and not projections. The current data shows that Garfield County will experience sustained and continuous growth over the next 25 years.

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