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Applications under review

The following applications are currently under review by the Planning Division of the Community Development Department. To access the application for a specific project, please select File Cabinet, or scroll down. Enter the exact file number of the application you are searching for (e.g. LPSS 07-15-8371) in the "Permit Number" field and select search.

FPAA-05-17-8546 Amended Final Plat, Springridge Reserve, PH. 1, Parcel A
ZDAA-06-17-8556 Springridge Reserve/ Parcel 11 Faranhyll Ranch Rezone
PUAA-06-17-8555 Springridge Reserve Minor PUD Modification
GAPA-05-17-8548 Hanlon ADU
GAPA-04-17-8531 Cedar Ridge Ranch Community Meeting Facility
GAPA-05-17-8542 Mellin Small Contractor's Yard
GAPA-04-17-8529 Mushroom Rock ADU
FPAA-04-17-8533 Second Amended Final Plat, Antlers Orchard, Tract 17
MISA-05-17-8534 Ludington Minor Subdivision
FPAA-04-17-8528 Amended Final Plat, Panorama Ranches, Lot 35
FEXA-03-17-8525 Second Amended Final Plat, Boruch Exemption, Lot 1
LIPA-02-17-8519 Kalmon Storage Facility
MISA-02-17-8521 Holgate Minor Subdivision
MIPA-01-17-8514 Rider Dog Kennel, Large
SFPA-09-16-8485 The Sages at Aspen Glen Final Plat
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