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Applications under review

The following applications are currently under review by the Planning Division of the Community Development Department. To access the application for a specific project, simply click on the project name below.

VARA-05-18-8647 Neiley & Maniscalchi Variance - Minimum Lot Size
GAPA-02-18-8603 Cappo Small Contractor's Yard
VARA-04-18-8637 Tribble Variance - Front & Side Yard Setback
GAPA-05-18-8644 Schrock ADU
FPAA-04-18-8639 Amended Final Plat, Cooperton Twnste. Block 9, Lots 12, 13, & 14
LIPA-02-18-8614 Gianinetti Family Lodging Facility
GAPA-02-18-8608 Gianinetti Family Community Meeting Facility
VARA-02-18-8620 Gorman & Edgerly Variance - Front Yard Setback
GAPA-02-18-8616 Rippy Multi-Family Dwelling Unit
SUAA-05-18-8641 Red Barn Guest Ranch, LLC Community Meeting Facility - Substantial Amendment
MISA-02-18-8613 Rose Ranch Minor Subdivision - Lot Line Adjustment
GAPA-03-18-8628 Moulton ADU
GAPA-02-18-8604 Cedar Ridge Ranch Community Event/Meeting Facility
LIPA-02-18-8610 Cedar Ridge Ranch Farm Stay - Lodging Facility
GAPA-04-18-8632 Kinney ADU
SFPA-03-18-8626 Final Plat, Lake Springs Ranch PUD, Filing 2 (FLG 2)
FPAA-04-18-8631 Amended Final Plat, MJN Exemption, Lots A & B
FPAA-03-18-8624 Amended Final Plat, Mountain Shadow Place, Lot 3
MISA-02-18-8607 RGKMBK Family, LLC Minor Subdivision
FPAA-02-18-8615 Amended Final Plat, High Aspen Ranch Exemption, Lot C
FPAA-03-18-8621 Amended Final Plat, Cooperton Twnste. Block 8, Lots A, & 28-32
FPAA-01-18-8602 Amended Final Plat, Fyrwald Exemption, Lot 3
FPAA-11-17-8597 Amended Final Plat, Aspen Glen FLG 7, Lot H-22
MIPA-05-17-8554 Battlement Mesa PUD Phase II BMC F Temporary Water Storage Facility
PDPA-05-17-8553 Battlement Mesa PUD Phase II BMC L Pipeline  
MIPA-05-17-8552 Battlement Mesa PUD Phase II BMC L Well Pad
MIPA-05-17-8551 Battlement Mesa PUD Phase II BMC A Well Pad
PDPA-05-17-8550 Battlement Mesa PUD Phase II BMC A Pipeline
MIPA-05-17-8549 Battlement Mesa PUD Phase II BMC A Injection Well
FDPA-01-17-8508 Martinez' Floodplain Development for Small Contractor's Yard
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