Board of County Commissioners Policy Directives 2017


The following is a compilation of the policy directives, strategies and priorities of the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) for the calendar year 2017. The list reflects key priorities identified by the BOCC throughout the public hearings in consideration of the 2017 Adopted Budget. These are in addition to many other annual processes, initiatives, work plans, and programs currently underway and day-to-day operations and services provided to the community. These simple, straightforward goals are the core of a dynamic strategic planning process, which will be ongoing throughout 2017.

Infrastructure and Investment
  • Implement and develop construction management team and coordinate with the project management team and key department heads
  • Continue to execute 10-year Master Plan for Rifle Garfield County Airport including major capital and real estate investment and completion of the maintenance facility
  • Improve the County's regional communications network infrastructure by relocating and replacing the Anvil Points communications tower and replacing the Lookout Mountain communication tower
  • Continue to improve the County's road and bridge construction and maintenance capability and complete the CR-137 Bridge, the Carr Creek Bridge and 2017 asphalt projects
  • Realize the vision of maximizing the Garfield County Fairgrounds as a year-round events center with capital investments including the fuel farm, north grand stands, north entrance, and Indoor Arena projects
  • Continue to improve Garfield County facilities including the design/construction of the Coroners/Search & Rescue building at Hunter Mesa campus; the remodeling of the County Attorney's office space; the disposition of the Henry Building in Rifle in a practical manner; the expansion of the Howard Ave. parking; and the conversion of the former CDOT Building
  • Continue to follow the Strategic Solid Waste Management Plan by marketing and developing the PCS Treatment Facility; by increasing recycling opportunities; by further developing the Garfield County Landfill as an enterprise and by advancing Landfill capital projects including the excavator replacement
  • Continue to participate as a key stakeholder regarding the completion of the Environment Assessment for the South Bridge project including improvements to CR 163 and its connection to State Highway 82.
Health and Human Services
  • Develop and provide collaborative human services to assist and promote the safety, well-being and self-sufficiency of individuals and families
  • Build on regional approaches to solve human services issues including participation in proposed expansion of Aging and Disability Resources to include SEP Region 12 within the Region 11 "No Wrong Door" Proposal using the structure of the NW Regional Collaborative
  • Continue daily air-monitoring program throughout County by continuing to collect, and examine all data while working closely with the Air Quality Monitoring Workgroup. Work and operate the new air quality monitor in Battlement Mesa PUD.
  • Maintain senior services and programs and collaborate with Public Health on expansion of program offerings
  • Continue to promote health and prevent disease by providing quality services and implementation of the objectives identified in Public Health Improvement Plan. Complete new five year plan by the end of 2017.
  • Complete the establishment and implementation of the restaurant and food inspection program, along with restructuring of fees and education for temporary event licenses
  • Advance the Garfield Healthy Communities Coalition and Dental Health programs
  • Continue advancement of the Human Services regional training center for child welfare, economic security, and other services in Rifle, CO through expansion, in collaboration with CDHS, of the number/types of training offerings and counties served
  • Complete Human Services conversion to Laser Fiche in collaboration with Garfield County IT
  • Support local nonprofits through the Human Service Commission and Garfield Healthy Communities Coalition grant programs and the new mini-grants for human service non-profits
  • Develop and integrate pre-trial programs in Pitkin and Rio Blanco Counties to complete the 9th Judicial District
Organizational, Core and Internal Services
  • Continued promotion of our primary mission, the delivery of quality services to the Citizens of Garfield County
  • Ensure the fiscal sustainability of County operations by maintaining a balanced budget and operating within it and by developing long-term financial plans to prepare for anticipated downturn in revenues in 2018 and beyond
  • New Finance Director and Treasurer to collaborate to create efficiencies in for financial management
  • Consider all tax lien properties for a return to tax rolls
  • Continue advancement of County Administration Management Team and Garfield County employees through professional development opportunities
  • Continue information technology infrastructure improvements including network and data center upgrades to increase redundancy, stability and reliability and to increase our storage capacity
  • Develop a strong risk manager position and risk management team that includes human resources, legal, procurement, finance and administration with an emphasis on fiscal security and workplace safety
  • Commitment to making Garfield County the employer of choice in the region through continued engagement of employees on competitive pay and benefits, professional development and targeted training, hosting the Annual Service Awards and the annual Employee Appreciation Picnic, County Pages, intranet upgrades, the implementation of the Garfield County Wellness Plan
  • Complete revision of Personnel Policies and Procedures manual and update on an annual basis
  • Continue to develop and implement strategies intended to reduce impacts on Garfield County employees during the three month closure of the Grand Avenue Bridge starting in August 2017 while retaining a high quality of customer service to our citizens.
Community Outreach and Transparency
  • Continue the County's commitment to close partnerships with the cities, towns, and communities within its borders through intergovernmental agreements, joint meetings, town halls, quarterly meetings with mayors and managers, and regular communication
  • Increase transparency and improve community relations by providing improved Citizen access to meetings, information and services through enhanced communications and the expansion of website-based services and including broadcasting of meetings on local access TV
  • Continue BOCC Community Meetings schedule providing direct contact with citizens through off-site meetings, joint meetings with municipalities, and Town Halls
  • Tell our story including 2016 accomplishments and 2017 goals and priorities
  • Update the County's website for efficiencies and mobile responsiveness
  • The Oil and Gas Liaison will provide particular attention and focus by to the Battlement Mesa PUD
  • Host fifth annual Energy and Environment Symposium
Economic Development
  • Promote economic development around the Rifle Garfield County Airport to take advantage of the location of the Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting (Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control) the presence of the Upper Colorado River Interagency Fire Management Unit (UCR) and general aviation activities
  • Complete the Broadband Needs Assessment Study and consider public-private partnership opportunities to expand middle-mile and last-mile broadband services in Garfield County
  • Protect Garfield County and Western Slope water rights through facilitation of semi-annual Garfield County Water Forum
  • Increase Board representation and involvement on statewide and regional water issues including the Colorado River Basin Roundtable and the Colorado River Water Conservation District
  • Collaborate with the federal, state and other county governments to lower health insurance costs in Garfield County and on the western slope of Colorado
  • Prioritize western Garfield County for economic development through capital projects, policies, programs and collaboration including working with AGNC on the federal Economic Development District creation
  • Continue to showcase the Garfield County Fair and Rodeo as a premiere event for the Western Slope with premier talent and events
  • Participate in community discussions on affordable and attainable housing
  • Advance internal staff economic development team, devoting an appropriate level of employee staff time to strategic economic development activities including business outreach, facilitating the Garfield County Economic Development Partners and hosting the business breakfast roundtables
  • Maximize natural resource opportunities in the Piceance Basin through active collaboration with federal, state and local governments with specific support for the development of the Jordan Cove project (LNG export facility) located at Coos Bay, OR.
Federal and State Policy Agenda
  • Continue to research and record, for the purposes of preserving access to historic routes and rights of way on public lands within Garfield County and bringing RS 2477 to resolution
  • Advance the interests of the County through leadership and active representation in the National Association of Counties, the Western Interstate Region, Colorado Counties, Inc., Club 20, and the Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado
  • Continue to work on the sustainability of the federal Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) and Secure Rural Schools (SRS) funding programs
  • Protect local interests and access on public lands where appropriate through participation in federal environmental review and related processes including BLM Planning 2.0, Thompson Divide, and RS 2477
  • Consider the development of a Public Lands Coordination Plan
  • Continue to actively coordinate with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) regarding the implementation of the Greater Sage Grouse Resource Management Plans including a specific goal of improving the statewide Greater Sage Grouse habitat map through the efforts of the Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado (AGNC) and Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
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