Employer incentives

Offender Reintegration Employment Initiative

Federal Fidelity Bonding Program
Free Federal Fidelity Bonds are available to employers at no cost in an effort to alleviate concerns that may arise when contemplating the hire of "at risk" applicants. More information about these valuable programs is available at 

Gateway Program
Garfield County Community Corrections participates in a training and employment program called Gateway. This venture is a collaborative effort involving Colorado Mountain College and the Department of Human Services, intended to identify and improve job seekers' strengths and skills. Participants' skill sets are tested and analyzed systematically, and opportunities are provided for training to strengthen reading, math, communication, and a host of other skills an employer may desire. Participants receive a certificate that may be provided to potential employers who can determine at a glance the proficiency levels of an applicant.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal income tax credit that encourages employers to hire specific groups of workers. Community corrections residents are among the potential employees. The WOTC can offer as much as $2400 in tax relief to employers per hire.

What is community corrections?
Garfield County Community Corrections is a program intended to provide an alternative sentencing option to the courts for non-violent offenders. Garfield County Community Corrections also accepts offenders from the Department of Corrections who are nearing the end of their sentence or who are nearing their parole eligibility date.

Residents at Garfield County Community Corrections (GCCC) are given the opportunity to, while under supervision, establish for themselves a foundation that will allow them to return to society better prepared to abstain from substance use and criminal activity. Residents are required to attend, and pay for, appropriate counseling and treatment programs. Additional requirements include making any required support payments, paying fines, court costs, and victim restitution, and paying rent and program fees at the residential facility.

Benefits to the community
The average daily cost to Colorado taxpayers for housing and supervising offenders in community corrections programs is less than half what it would cost if the offender were at a Department of Corrections facility.

According to the most recent data, Garfield County Community Corrections residents pay an annual average of over $2500 per bed in state and federal income taxes.

GCCC residents also pay an average of over $1000 per bed annually in restitution payments.

How does the community make the program work?
In order for GCCC to fulfill its obligations to the community, a number of components must be in place. Crucial among them are employers willing to provide work opportunities to residents. Without employment opportunities, community corrections residents would not be able to pay for their room and board, treatment programs, child support orders, victim restitution, or fines. Without jobs, residents would not be able to contribute to the local economy and sales tax revenues through the purchase of goods and services. Quite simply, without local businesses offering employment opportunities to residents, the community corrections concept of offender-pay, restorative justice would not be possible.

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