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Mamm Creek
The Board of County Commissioners received an update regarding the 2004 West Divide Seep remediation activities and down hole East Mamm Creek area Conditions of Approval at the February 10, 2014 Work Session.
Mamm Creek conclusions-|

Community Counts Colorado
Natural gas industry hotline 1-866-442-9034

Mamm CreekAir rulemaking
On February 23, 2014, Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission (“Commission”) fully adopted EPA’s Standards of Performance for Crude Oil and Natural Gas Production, Transmission, and Distribution found in 40 C.F.R. Part 60, Subpart OOOO (“NSPS OOOO”) into Regulation Number 6, Part A.

The commission adopted corresponding revisions to its emissions reporting and permitting framework in Regulation Number 3, Parts A, B, and C.

It also adopted complementary oil and gas control measures in Regulation Number 7. A fact sheet summarizing these revisions is now posted on the commission's website.

O & G forum Energy Resource Inventory
Garfield County commissioners received a new Energy Resource Inventory from TRC Solutions Monday. The board will 'test drive' data gathered, and then design Phase II, a policy development exercise to guide future land use decisions.
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Energy Advisory Board Citizen Representative opportunity
Interested in energy issues? The Garfield County Energy Advisory Board is requesting letters of interest from applicants who are interested in serving as a volunteer citizen representative for the Una Bridge/Wallace Creek/Spring Creek areas.
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Mamm Creek gas well

Map of Hydrocarbon contamination Hydrocarbon contamination in Parachute
Hydrocarbons at Parachute Creek-|
Weekly status report, September 9 to 15 -|

Garfield County's Oil & Gas Division serves as a liaison between the citizens and the energy industry. The county does not regulate oil and gas drilling, but does serve as the local government designee to the State Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), which issues drilling permits. If you are a citizen of Garfield County, and you have questions or concerns about oil and gas operations, please feel free to contact us at 970-625-5915.

You may also contact an energy company directly by calling the industry hotline known as Community Counts at 1-866-442-9034. Click on Community Counts Colorado for more information, including a map of active drilling rig locations, meetings and events.

Please note that well pads are private property, and unauthorized access constitutes trespass. If you need information about activities on a pad, please contact Community Counts Colorado, or our office if you would like us to submit your inquiry for you.

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3/6/14 Garfield County Energy Advisory Board Meeting
2/27/14 Northwest Colorado Oil & Gas Forum
2/20/14 Mamm Creek conclusions
1/29/14 Air quality rulemaking
12/16/13 Garfield County Energy Master Plan
12/12/13 Northwest Colorado Oil & Gas Forum
12/5/13 Garfield County Energy Advisory Board Meeting
9/16/13 CSU Air emissions study update
9/12/13 Northwest Oil and Gas Forum meets Sept. 12
8/28/13 EAB appoints new members
8/01/13 EAB meeting - Managing air quality
7/4/13 No EAB Meeting
5/1/13 Oil and Gas division is hosting a booth at the May 1st Encana Energy Expo. Click here for more.
4/29/13 Community meeting about hydrocarbon contamination near Parachute
4/18/13 Benzene found in Parachute Creek samples
3/5/13 - Thompson Divide oil and gas leasing updates
2/14/13 - March 5th & 6th Ursa Operating Company, LLC Open House
9/27/11 - County hires new oil and gas liaison
2/3/11 - Water quality concerns
2/3/11 - DOLA ERR date posted
1/18/11 - Oil & Gas Quarterly Report


Energy Advisory Board
The Garfield County Board of County Commissioners formed the Garfield County Energy Advisory Board (EAB) in 2004. Its mission is to provide a forum for the oil and gas industry, the public, impacted landowners and local government to prevent or minimize conflict associated with oil and gas development through positive and proactive communication and actions that encourage responsible and balanced development of these resources within Garfield County.

The EAB investigates citizen complaints, and works with energy companies to facilitate solutions. If we cannot reach a resolution, we may contact the COGCC or other regulatory authorities. Our Oil and Gas Liaison is also responsible for making reports to the Board of County Commissioners, and coordinates with the BLM and other agencies on energy-related issues.

The EAB is currently seeking citizen representatives. Citizen representatives on the EAB are available to hear comments and complaints from residents in their areas. For more information about the EAB, and a map of citizen representation areas and contacts, click here.

The EAB meets the first Thursday of each month at 6 pm in Rifle.

Oil & gas permitting:
Although Garfield County does not regulate drilling directly, some of our regulations do affect the energy industry. For example, oversized vehicles are subject to permits from the Road & Bridge Department and certain facilities must obtain land use and building permit approvals from the Garfield County Community Development Department. Please contact these departments with any specific questions.

Energy operators:
We are often contacted by people wanting to know what companies operate in Garfield County. Our office is not charged with the responsibility of assisting businesses with marketing, but visitors to our website who want to find out what companies are operating here are encouraged to check the information in Emergency Contacts and Related Links. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission registers oil and gas operators throughout the state. Their website is:

Residence reports:
The 2010 DOLA Employee Residence Reports (ERR's) are due on April 30, 2011. Forms and more information can be found at

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