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May EAB Meeting Energy Advisory Board meeting
A regular meeting of the Energy Advisory Board is Thursday, September 1, at the Rifle Branch Library, 207 East Avenue, Rifle. Dinner is served at 5:30 pm for all attendees, and the meeting begins at 6 pm.

Speaker: Ann Driggers, Finance Director, Garfield County
Presentation description: Garfield County has been riding high on natural gas, until recently. Now the energy industry has retracted nationwide, with prices falling and production down. Ann Driggers will discuss how the current bust is being felt in the local economy and in the county's revenue streams.

The Energy Advisory Board is a monthly forum for the public, oil and gas industry, landowners and local government to engage in positive and proactive communication, and actions that encourage responsible and balanced development of these resources within Garfield County.

Energy Advisory Board
Citizen Representative opportunity

Interested in energy issues? The Garfield County Energy Advisory Board is requesting letters of interest from applicants who are interested in serving as a volunteer citizen representative for the Grass Mesa Homeowners Association.

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Mission statement
(by resolution of the BOCC): The EAB shall provide a forum for the oil and gas industry, the public, impacted landowners and local government to prevent or minimize conflict associated with oil and gas development through positive and proactive communication and actions that encourage responsible and balanced development of these resources within Garfield County.

The EAB consists of local government, organizations, school districts, citizen representatives, and oil & gas operators.

EAB bylaws
Board of County Commissioners EAB resolution

Click here for a list of EAB members.

The EAB has produced a community guide, Understanding Natural Gas Development, (pdf file) as part of its educational mission.

Citizen representatives on the EAB are available to hear comments and complaints from residents in their area, click here for EAB citizen representative area map and contact information.

Click here for more citizen representative information

Energy Advisory Board meetings

2016 Energy Advisory Board meetings
Minutes Presentations Oil & Gas Liaison's Report
June 2016 minutes

Joe Molloy, PE, Pipeline Safety Program Chief, Colorado Public Utilities Commission for June

Link to Presentation video- |
June report
May 2016 minutes

No Educational Presentation

May report
April 2016 minutes

Mike Leonard, Field Inspection Quality Assurance Supervisor, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
Oil and Gas Noise Control Regulation and Enforcement

Link to Presentation video- |
April report
March 2016 minutes Donald W. Behrens, President, Behrens and Associates Environmental Noise Control - Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Noise Impact Evaluation and Mitigation
Link to presentation video- |
March report
February 2016 minutes Stuart D. McGregor, P.E., Senior Acoustic Engineer and President of EDI - Environmental Noise Basics and How Noise is Perceived
Link to presentation video- |
February report
2015 Energy Advisory Board meetings
Minutes Presentations Oil & Gas Liaison's Report
December 2015 minutes Daniel Vigil, MD, MPH, Program Manager, Oil & Gas Health Information and Response Program. Introduction to new program created by the CDPHE recommended by the Governor's Oil & Gas Task Force.
Link to presentation video-|
December report
November 2015 minutes Tom Jankovsky, County Commissioner and Fred Jarman, Community Development Director - Garfield County's Local and Regional Greater Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation Efforts
Link to presentation video-|
November report
October 2015 minutes No educational presentation
See minutes
September 2015 minutes Heather McGregor - Trucks, Vans and Buses: Using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for Transportation in Garfield County
Link to presentation video-|
September report
August 2015 minutes Morgan Hill - The air we breathe. A report on Garfield County air quality monitoring results for 2008-2014.
Link to presentation video-|
See minutes
June 2015 minutes Rick Aster - Induced Seismicity: What is it, Why Does it Happen, and What Should We Do About it?
Link to presentation video-|
June report
May 2015 minutes Lee Barger - Procedure on How to Set Realistic Speed Limits
Link to presentation video-|
May report
April 2015 minutes No educational presentation. See minutes
March 2015 minutes Tyler Bittner - Water Management Planning for Remote Completion Operations
Link to presentation video-|
March report
February 2015 minutes Marc Morton - Recent Changes to Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Complaint Procedures
Link to presentation video-|
February report
2014 Energy Advisory Board meetings
Minutes Presentations Oil & Gas Liaison's Report
2014 minutes
Chris Wright - America's Rapidly Evolving Natural Gas Production and Consumption & Implications for Colorado's Western Slope October report
September 4
2014 minutes
Gordon Pierce- Regional Air Quality Conditions & Monitoring September report
August 7,
2014 minutes
Rebecca Watson Fracking Federalism and Federal Environmental Law Is the Oil and Gas Industry Exempt from Major Laws August report
June 5,
2014 minutes
No educational presentation. June report
May 1,
2014 minutes
No educational presentation. May report
April 6,
2014 minutes
Kent Holsinger, Holsinger Law, LLC, Denver Water, oil and gas: energy production, the water rights priority system and drinking water supplies. April report
March 6, 2014 minutes Dr. Jeffrey Collett, Professor and Department Head, Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University, CO will present “Characterizing air emissions from new gas well Development in Garfield County" March report
February 6, 2014 minutes Erin Degutis will present an Energy Master Plan overview. The plan used public information to develop energy opportunity and constraint maps. The energy resource maps will help the county develop policies to direct energy resource development in context with existing natural resources and regulatory constraints. February report

EAB archived presentations and minutes

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