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Recording of documents
Documents to be recorded are to be submitted at the office of the Clerk and Recorder at the County Courthouse at 109 8th Street, Suite 200, Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81601. The Rifle Annex will not accept any documents to be recorded. If you have questions call 970-384-3700.

Documents such as warranty deeds, deeds of trust, quit claim deeds, subdivision plats, etc. may be recorded as public records. Recording fees are as follows:

 •  $10 for the first page, and $5 for additional pages (up to legal size) plus $1 surcharge. Click here for clarification.

 •  Documents larger than 8 1/2 by 14 inches in size are $10.00 per page plus $1 surcharge per document.

 •  Plat maps must be on 24" by 36" Mylar and are $10 per page plus $1 surcharge per document.

 •  Any document that transfers title with consideration exceeding $500 will be assessed a state documentary fee of 1 cent per $100.

 •  UCCs: $11 per document if the document is 1-2 pages.

 •  UCCs: $16 per document if the document is 3 or more pages.

 •  Mining Claims $.25 per each mining claim (all document types).

 •  Deposited Land surveys must be on 24" by 36" Mylar, and are $20 per page.

Please include a contact phone number with your documents.

Website for the new designated beneficiary agreement

All documents recorded are scanned; and the original documents are mailed in approximately a week.

Copies of recorded document may be obtained by sending a written request, book and page numbers, or reception number, and a check, money order, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express number for applicable fees. Recorded copies may also be acquired in person at the office in the Courthouse in Glenwood Springs.  

newDocuments delivered by email cost $1 per document plus cost per page

•  Copies of all legal documents are available for a fee of $.25 per page for documents of legal size or smaller.

 •  $5 per page for 11 x 17 copies and $6 per page for anything larger.

 •  Certification of copies may be obtained for $1 per document.
Faxed copies of recorded documents will have $1 per page added to the copy fee.

Postage charge for mailing of copies
 •  Standard size documents with ten or fewer pages is $1 in addition to copy charges

 •  Standard size documents with eleven or more pages is $2 in addition to copy charges

 •  Plat size copies (24"x36") is $1 per page in addition to copy charges

Recorded Documents may be viewed at the Clerk & Recorder office location in Garfield County at the courthouse in Glenwood Springs, and 1995 and newer documents at the Annex in Rifle.

Note: Garfield County is an abstract county and does not perform searches on recorded documents.

Please call 970-384-3700 to contact Garfield County Clerk Jean Alberico or Chief Deputy Clerk Edna Place.

Clerk & Recorder - Glenwood Springs
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  Clerk & Recorder - Rifle
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